Hollywood Blvd Cinema, Illinois | Flow Resin Flowfresh SLB & SS 181 Topcoat | Case Study


Flow Resin Flowfresh SLB is resistant to moisture, and its improved durability and thermal shock resistance make it an ideal alternative to traditional epoxy for food and beverage applications. Additionally, it contains the antimicrobial additive Polygiene® and meets USDA and CIFA Standards.

Hollywood Blvd. Cinema is a movie theater and full-service restaurant providing to-your-seat service. The existing black latex paint in the hallway was “sweating” due to moisture vapor issues in the concrete. This caused the latex paint to chip and allowed moisture in the slab to come to the surface, creating a slipping hazard.


Flow Resin Flowfresh SLB

SS 181 Topcoat


Food and Beverage






3 days

With the client on a very tight schedule, Surface Solutions removed the latex paint, tile, and carpet and applied Flow Resin Flowfresh SLB urethane concrete at ⅛” with a sand media broadcast for added slip resistance. 

Our expert installers finished with a durable, high-gloss SS 181 fast-setting epoxy topcoat in black and applied line stripping to the walkway. The floor was completed and ready for action in just three days. Surface Solutions returned to complete the lobby, concessions, and bar area flooring.

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