Our three largest (and three smallest!) flooring projects

We’ve completed flooring installations from 180 square feet all the way up to nearly 200,000. Each project has unique demands and challenges. Here’s a roundup of some of our largest and smallest flooring projects. 


Bare Feet Manufacturing – 180,000 square feet

We transformed 180,000 square feet of this former auto parts manufacturing plant into a facility fit for bare feet. The job included removing 60,000 square feet of vinyl tile, and the entire floor was replaced with a seamless epoxy/urethane system that’s attractive, long-lasting, and easy to maintain. This enormous project was completed and ready for use in just two weeks. 

Ohio Food Plant – 120,000 square feet

We completed a heavy-duty, slip-resistant floor coating for this Ohio food processor in six phases to accommodate the facility’s demanding production schedule. Our installers began with a Ucrete DP with a neutral quartz sand broadcast, then applied our own SS253 Novolac topcoat. Due to higher heat tolerance, Novolacs handle chemical attacks better than SS707 High-Build Epoxy and are a great solution for food plants.

Stanley Black and Decker – 69,000 square feet

This Stanley Black and Decker facility in Louisville, Ohio tops out at just under 70,000 square feet. It took our expert team just one week to install an epoxy/urethane floor coating with an additional crushed aluminum oxide additive to further increase the life of the floor. Additionally, this formula stands up to constant forklift traffic, coolant, and metal shavings in the machine shop.

Warped Wing Brewing – 400 square feet

This brewery floor project comprised just 400 square feet. A small but critical area included a floor drain that was previously installed without a slope. Our team set forms to slope the floor to 1/8” per foot. We troweled a polymer-modified grout and applied Flow Resin HF. The work was completed and brewing equipment was moved back into place in just a day and a half.

Blast freezer – 400 square feet

For this Indiana meat processor, Surface Solutions installed Flowfresh Flowfill Matrix, a custom urethane concrete floor made specifically for blast freezers. We developed it in partnership with Flow Resin Americas. The blast freezer’s slab was brought up to 60 degrees for installation, and our installers removed 10 inches of delaminated concrete before troweling Flowfresh Flowfill Matrix and sealing the joints. The entire installation took two and a half days including time for curing.

Beverage Manufacturer – 180 square feet

We repaired and coated a small but badly fractured area of concrete for this Indiana beverage manufacturer. We used a rapid-setting cement-based mortar along with Ucrete UD200. This is a heavy-duty formula designed to withstand aggressive chemicals and heavy traffic. Quick curing allowed this small slab to be ready for use in just one day. 

We understand 100 square feet of flooring is no less important to your business than 180,000. We can customize a flooring solution for your operation no matter what size. As always, we complete the work on time and on budget. To learn more about our flooring projects and how Surface Solutions can help provide the highest quality industrial flooring solutions for your business, contact us today!


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