Seamless floor coving for vertical surfaces 

Floor coving is an issue we often tackle for customers in food and beverage applications and other facilities where sanitary guidelines are enforced. Because residue, debris, and bacteria can build up in the coves and corners where the floor meets the wall, we install floor coving for vertical surfaces that help ensure a seamless transition.

Following are some of the projects we’ve completed using vertical surfacing.

Ucrete RG seamless curbing for vertical surfaces

Floor coving for dairy processing

Surface Solutions updated a hallway in this raw milk dairy facility in Indianapolis which included a 12-inch cant cove base troweled with Ucrete RG. The formula is ideal for vertical base applications and steep slopes, and because priming of the substrate is not required, it can be completed with limited downtime.

Secondary containment for chemical processing

This Cincinnati chemical processing plant needed curbing as part of a secondary containment system. Surface Solutions installed a 45° 2-inch cant cove to keep chemicals and wash-down water from pooling in the corners between the curb and floor. Because of its high resin content, Ucrete RG needs no additional sealer coat to help prevent future erosion.

Floor coving for commercial cold rooms

Because our vertical surfacing has all the same characteristics as our conventional flooring coating formula, it’s suited to withstand the extreme temperatures and thermal shock of a commercial freezer or cold room. For this Indiana meat processor, we installed heavy-duty flooring along with Ucrete RG to the perimeter, creating a two-inch cant cove where the curb met the floor.

Seamless, hygienic perimeters for food processing facilities

This dairy processor is another one that needed a seamless, hygienic perimeter for its 3000-square-foot cheese manufacturing facility. The existing concrete was deteriorating due to chemical exposure, heavy equipment, and expansion and cracking from temperature fluctuations. Surface Solutions installed a long-lasting floor coating with a powerful vertical barrier against impact, chemical exposure, and thermal shock. It’s also suitable for any space where steam or hot water is required for cleaning.

Rodent-proof food production and packaging

This food production and packaging facility in Iowa hired Surface Solutions to provide a rodent-proof hygienic design that included seamless wall-floor junctions to prevent the pooling of substances; sloped, screened floor drains free of pockets that could trap water, debris, and odors; and a durable, seamless floor coating designed to prevent microbial growth below the surface.

Whether horizontal or vertical, Surface Solutions can customize a seamless, durable surface to protect your investment, your product, and your staff. We have decades of experience working with chemical processing, food and beverage, healthcare, pharmaceutical, and transportation organizations, and we stand by our work with a comprehensive single-source warranty. Call for a quote or use the form below to contact us today.