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It’s essential for tank wash flooring to be durable and resistant to moisture and heavy impact. Truck and tank wash facilities are among the harshest environments we encounter because of the impact of heavy vehicles, abrasive cleaning chemicals, and high-pressure, high-temperature washdowns used in this operation.  

Concrete flooring and trench drain at an Iowa truck tank wash facility

This particular customer is the largest carrier of bulk foods in the United States and hired Surface Solutions to install flooring and perform repairs in several sections of their Iowa headquarters. We used two different specialized formulas to meet their needs: Flow Resin HF and a decorative flake epoxy. 

Flow Resin Flowfresh HF Tank Wash Flooring

First, they required hygienic and USDA-certified flooring for their five-bay truck tank wash facility. The flooring needed to be slip-resistant and able to withstand the impact from their fleet of tractor-trailers. For this area, we recommended a 3/8” Flow Resin HF urethane concrete flooring system. 

Flow Resin HF is a heavy-duty antimicrobial urethane concrete formula that provides a durable, fine-textured floor finish. It’s hygienic and resistant to thermal shock, abrasive chemicals, and moisture vapor transmission, so it’s ideal for wet/washdown environments.

Red Flow Resin flooring installed in an Iowa truck tank wash facility

Trench drain repair

Second, our flooring experts rebuilt and resurfaced the trench drains to protect against the hazards of standing water and contamination. Keeping your trench drains in good condition can help avoid costly damage repairs in the long run. If you notice standing water or cracks in the foundation, ask us about a site visit. We can provide guidance on the proper drain configurations for your operation. 

Flake epoxy flooring

Last, Surface Solutions installed a decorative flake epoxy flooring system in the office, breakroom, and restroom areas of the facility. Our epoxy decorative flake floor option for concrete floors provides both a decorative element with a layer of custom-colored vinyl chips, and it’s also durable enough for commercial and light industrial applications. Ask us about custom colors to align with your organization’s brand. 


Flow Resin Flowfresh HF & Flake Epoxy


Food and Beverage/Transportation




10,160 SF


3 days

Red Flow Resin Flowfresh HF industrial flooring installed in an Iowa truck tank wash facility.

Tank Wash Flooring by Surface Solutions

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