Ucrete floor care: how long does Ucrete flooring last?


Ucrete floor care is one thing our customers often ask about. Ucrete flooring stands up to physical abuse, moisture, and a wide range of aggressive chemicals. It resists bacterial growth and outperforms traditional epoxy flooring surfaces in both impact resistance from heavy traffic and the ability to withstand thermal shock

So how long does Ucrete flooring last? There are many factors that influence the life of your polyurethane concrete flooring, such as temperature, chemicals, and residue buildup. When you are a customer of Surface Solutions, you have the assurance of a single-source warranty protecting against defects for both labor and materials. Because we are a full-service installation contractor, you only have to call one number should a question or problem arise. Here are the factors that can influence the life of your flooring and how you can get the most out of it.


Be aware of the temperature threshold for your specific Ucrete formula. Many formulas can withstand heat up to 300°F, which makes them ideal for operations that require steam cleaning. Some Ucrete formulas can withstand temperatures as low as -50°F without suffering the expansion and cracking of traditional concrete, so make sure you confirm with your flooring installer that your specific Ucrete formula can endure the temperatures anticipated in your facility. 

Ucrete UD200SR can withstand temperatures down to -40°F, making it ideal for installation in cold rooms, and our exclusive formula for blast freezers developed in partnership with Flow Resin is designed to withstand rapid and continual freeze-thaw cycles.


Continue with your regular cleaning routine. Chances are if your facility is a food and beverage processing, foodservice, healthcare, or pharmaceutical facility, you already have a precise cleaning routine, and your Ucrete flooring is designed to stand up to the rigors of this regimen.  

Additionally, your Ucrete flooring is designed to resist the aggressive acids in food and beverage products, as well as chemicals commonly found in cleaning solutions.


Optimum slip resistance can only be maintained with regular cleaning. Always perform a dry cleaning by sweeping or vacuuming to remove dust and debris from the surface before wet cleaning to remove and prevent the buildup of grime on your flooring surface. 

Don’t mop a textured slip-resistant resin floor coating. This will only move the dust and grime around and allow residue to build up within the texture of the flooring. Similarly, do not use cleaners that leave behind residues that could reduce the slip resistance of your flooring. If you’re not sure, ask your flooring specialist for specific recommendations on cleaning products that are ideal for your floor coating.

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