Food Facility Concrete Resurfacing

We recently shared Part I of a resurfacing project for Divert, a company that partners with grocery stores and other retailers to create innovative solutions for reducing food waste. 

Many of our clients don’t realize how badly food substances can corrode concrete flooring, and they call on Surface Solutions when the problem begins to impact daily operations. Facility directors at Divert had begun to see this type of concrete deterioration in more than one location. 

The Effects of Food Acids on Concrete

The highly acidic fruits and vegetables moving through the facility were eating away at exposed concrete. The facility director reported that the flooring had seen extremely bad wear, especially in the bin staging and forklift runway areas. 

Other locations too, he said, were showing signs of deterioration only a month after their operational startup. Directors also reported slick surfaces that were posing a hazard to their staff. 

Acid corrosion in food processing flooring

Industrial concrete floors, transformed by Ucrete UD200

Surface Solutions installed Ucrete UD200 over about 31,500 square feet of the facility. It provides immediate slip resistance and reliable protection from acid corrosion. Divert’s facility flooring will hold up to the corrosive effects of fruit and vegetable waste for years longer than concrete alone. The project was completed in 15 days, over two separate phases in order to minimize the impact on daily operations. 

Food Facility Ucrete Flooring

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