What Makes Ucrete IF a Unique Solution for Performance Flooring?

If you manage a waste transfer station, battery recycling or another type of industrial chemical manufacturing facility, keeping your floors in top shape is a top priority.

Years of exposure to acids and chemical attack on the surface of your floor is likely to create a hazardous work environment, disrupting production or causing shutdowns.

Ucrete IF (Iron-Filled), an iron aggregate, heavy duty, polyurethane hybrid flooring system, has a proven track record for providing long-lasting durable floors, especially in the harshest work spaces of heavy engineering workshops and processing areas, under mixing heads, in storage bunkers and loading docks and heavy equipment maintenance facilities. It is ideal for industrial environments, providing a high level of impact tolerance and abrasion resistance; in fact, a Ucrete IF floor can actually increase impact and abrasion resistance because it is formulated to withstand wider temperature fluctuations and tolerate both organic and inorganic acids, alkalis and salts.

Unique Features of Ucrete IF Systems

Ucrete IF is a four component system installed from a ¼-inch to 1-inch thickness, creating a smooth, matte surface. The thickness is determined by the service and cleaning temperatures and the severity of traffic expected:

  • Uniquely processed metal aggregate
  • No priming or sealing of substrate
  • Solvent-free
  • 40+ years of project references
  • Wide temperature service range from 5°- 158°F (-15°-70°C)
  • Aggregate filled, trowel-applied
  • Resistant to a wide range of chemicals
  • Unaffected by freeze/thaw cycles
  • Coefficient of thermal expansion similar to concrete
  • Slip resistant
  • Measurably tougher than concrete and epoxy

Benefits of Ucrete IF Performance Flooring

No primer required – Your facility will enjoy a fast installation in a single application.

Fast application – Surface Solutions can apply Ucrete IF to five-day-old concrete or three-day-old polymer screeds.

Fast cure means short downtime – You Ucrete IF floor is fully serviceable within only 24 hours (subject to temperature).

It’s iron-filled – Ucrete IF uses malleable treated cast iron aggregate, which renders higher abrasion and impact resistance than natural aggregates.

It’s non-tainting – Ucrete IF is solvent-free and non-tainting as tested by the Campden & Chorleywood Food Research Association

It has high temperature resistance – Your crew can clean your Ucrete IF flooring system with direct steam contact.

It comes in a variety of colors – Green, Orange, Green/Brown, Red, Cream, Grey, Light Grey


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