The installation of manufacturing and warehouse flooring is guided by specific technical requirements as well as federal safety regulations. Additionally, a warehouse facility may also act as a distribution center for trucking and other shipping services. It may also include pedestrian walkways, offices, workshops, and assembly areas. 

Fortunately, Surface Solutions has years of experience installing warehouse flooring that meets the requirements for all areas of the facility. Here is a warehouse flooring checklist followed by some of our project case studies incorporating these elements. 

Warehouse Flooring Checklist

  • Durable, long-lasting flooring
  • A quick-curing formula to have facility operations back up and running quickly
  • Slip-resistant for optimal worker safety
  • UV-resistant
  • OSHA-compliant safety line striping to mark zones for pedestrian traffic
  • Resistance to abrasion from heavy equipment traffic
  • Oil and grease resistant
  • Attractive and easy to clean 

Warehouse Flooring Case Studies

Manufacturing and warehouse flooring with safety line striping

Epoxy and Urethane Topcoat

This Maryland glass warehouse needed the existing floor coating removed in favor of a high-performance epoxy-urethane combination that’s light-reflective, easy to clean, durable, and resistant to stains and chemicals. We used the epoxy to bond to the substrate and fill in the hairline cracks and other imperfections before applying the urethane topcoat to provide additional impact and chemical resistance. 

Surface Preparation and Custom Epoxy

This 275,000 square foot distribution center had severely deteriorated concrete flooring that required surface preparation using high-performance HTC planetary grinders and hand-held Novatek grinders and chisels to clear away the existing floor before laying new concrete. We then installed a custom epoxy resin floor coating to create a smooth surface that would allow the company’s Automated Guide Vehicles (AGVs) to glide across with ease.

Epoxy and Safety Line Striping 

In this Michigan warehouse, Surface Solutions installed two coats of epoxy and 1200 linear feet of yellow safety line striping. The project was completed in just two days. 

Clearcoat Epoxy and Safety Line Striping

Two thousand square feet of concrete in this Indianapolis warehouse was prepared via shot-blasting, primed with a clear primer, and received a topcoat of clear UV-stable epoxy. Surface Solutions then applied 4-inch yellow line striping to create an aisle way for pedestrian traffic.

Surface Solutions can customize a floor coating to meet the unique needs of any manufacturing or warehouse facility, from safety to durability and long-lasting chemical and impact resistance. Call 317-388-8000 or complete the form below for a custom quote today.