What is Polyurethane Flooring? 

Polyurethane flooring refers to a type of flooring system that utilizes a synthetic polymer as the main component of the flooring material. It’s a versatile material that can be customized to fit a wide variety of flooring applications. 

In our particular corner of the industry, we often use the terms polyurethane flooring and urethane concrete interchangeably to describe the array of formulas designed to provide a durable, seamless heavy-duty floor coating for commercial and industrial facilities such as tank wash facilities, food and beverage processing plants, chemical processing, and manufacturing and warehousing facilities. 

Benefits of Polyurethane Flooring

Urethane concrete flooring offers several benefits. It is known for its durability, making it suitable for areas with traffic from vehicles and heavy machinery, as well as corrosive substances, and heavy moisture including high-temperature spray downs and steam cleaning. Additionally, polyurethane concrete flooring is easy to clean and maintain, as its smooth, seamless surface does not trap dirt and residue. 

There are different formulas of urethane concrete flooring that we use, and one of the most well-known formulas is designed with our Ucrete partners. Each type has specific application methods and requirements, but in all cases, we carefully prepare the substrate, apply the coating in multiple layers, and allow it to cure to form a rigid, protective surface. Often a topcoat is used for added protection. Following the manufacturer’s instructions for care and maintenance helps ensure the longest-lasting floor coating possible. 

Polyurethane Flooring Case Studies

Following are some of our Ucrete flooring projects installed in some of the toughest industrial environments. 

Polyurethane flooring installed in some of the most demanding industrial facilities.

Tank Wash Facility Flooring

Water combined with abrasive cleaning chemicals wreaks havoc on concrete flooring, which is porous and prone to wear and leaks. For these environments, we install a heavy-duty industrial formula that can withstand constant moisture, the weight of semi tractor-trailers, and abrasive cleansers. 

Indiana Tank Wash Facility. Ucrete’s UD200 formula is ideal for tank wash facility operations because of its resistance to thermal shock, vigorous cleaning, and moisture-vapor transmission.

Kankakee Tank Wash Facility. Surface Solutions took a three-day holiday weekend to install 7,000 square feet of Ucrete UD200 in this tank wash facility. 

Iowa Tank Wash Facility. This always-wet facility got a facelift to protect staff from slips and falls and provide long-lasting defense against abrasive cleaning chemicals.

Food and Beverage Processing Plant Flooring

Food and beverage processes can expose a floor to corrosive food substances that break down the material and cause the slip-resistance and protective coating to wear away. Since Ucrete is a polyurethane flooring formula that is troweled over the substrate, it can more effectively protect against this type of corrosion than a thinner, epoxy coating alone. 

Food Waste Recycling Plant. A heavy-duty polyurethane will protect this food recycling facility from the highly acidic fruit and vegetable waste that was corroding its concrete floors. 

Kentucky Food Processing Facility. A thin epoxy seal was no match for this demanding food production environment. Our technicians began by grinding off the existing floor coating and replacing it with seamless urethane concrete to ensure long-lasting slip resistance and durability. 

Chemical Processing

Facilities that are exposed to corrosive chemicals and extreme temperatures rely on Surface Solutions to install heavy-duty flooring that withstands the demands of their processing environment and also has a quick turnaround time.

Biofuel Recycling Facility. This particular polyurethane formula, Ucrete IF, is composed of a malleable, treated cast iron aggregate which renders higher abrasion and impact resistance than other formulas. 

Indiana Chemical Processing Plant. This three-part urethane concrete coating treatment and flooring system is ideal for chemical production and processing. We finished it off in the signature blue color of the corporate brand.

Manufacturing/Warehousing Flooring

These environments are tough due to ongoing traffic from forklifts and other heavy equipment. Skidmarks from vehicle tires can build up over time, causing an unsightly appearance and a slipping hazard. 

Glass Manufacturer. A combination of epoxy and urethane concrete gave this glass manufacturing facility a high-performance base with an attractive, glossy finish. 

Electronics Manufacturer. Surface Solutions’ expert technicians installed a heavy-duty Ucrete floor coating with a Quartz aggregate for added slip-resistance. 

Think you have a tougher industrial environment than any of these facilities? Put Surface Solutions to the test and let us recommend a flooring solution to meet your specific requirements. We offer a comprehensive in-house warranty on all labor and materials. Get a quote or call us at 317-388-8000.